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DJI Ronin-S Camera Stabiliser

Average Rating: 5.0 with 1 review

£ 34.0040.80
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Rate ExamplesInc. VATExcl. VAT
Daily / Weekend Rate£ 34.0040.80
2 Day Rate£ 51.0061.20
1 Week Rate£ 97.00116.40

The Ronin-S is a one handed gimbal for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. With a payload of up to 3.6kg and a 12 hour battery life the Ronin-S helps you get the shot.

** This item does not include a camera or lens **

More Details

This impressive gimbal stabiliser from DJI comes in a smaller form factor than previous offerings, with single handed operation and the ability to achieve movements that weren't possible before. With a payload of up to 3.6kg, the Ronin-S is designed for use with DSLR and mirrorless cameras, allowing smooth shots on cameras that are normally difficult to keep steady.

With three axes of stabilisation the Ronin-S can handle most shakes, and with a maximum operating speed up to 75kmph it's useful for vehicles as well as hand held.

Quick and easy to balance, the Ronin-S breaks down to fit in a backpack or camera bag, and offers a variety of creative options using the DJI Ronin App, as well as set up and tuning, such as timelapse and panorama modes.

Our DJI Ronin-S kit includes the focus wheel and cables for compatible cameras and lenses. The optional geared Ronin-S Focus Motor can be used with other camera and lens combinations.

Included In Your Hire

  • 1 x DJI Ronin-S Handheld Gimbal
  • 2 x BG37 Battery Grip
  • 1 x Camera Riser
  • 1 x Camera Mounting Plate
  • 1 x Lens Support
  • 1 x Turtle Stand
  • 1 x Focus Wheel
  • 2 x Allen Keys
  • 1 x USB Power Adapter and USB Cable
  • 3 x 1/4 - 20 camera screws
  • 1 x RSS - IR (light)
  • 1 x MCC-C adapter
  • 1 x MCC-B adapter
  • 1 x Custom Case


Property Values
Payload <3.6kg
Battery Life 12 Hours
Maximum Operating Speed 75kmph
Weight (w/ battery) 2kg

Introducing The Ronin-S

Setup And Balancing - Will Make You Life Easier If Your Hiring This Product

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Mark Tredinnick Kitcabin Staff

Awesome bit of kit

DJI Ronin-S Camera Stabiliser
Probably the most reliable, well build small (single hand hold) gimble on the market and with the biggest payload. Its payload comes at a price though as it's probably the heaviest gimble of its kind on the market to, no worries if your Hulk Hogan or like me you only use it for dedicated shots though your filming day saving on the mussel strain.

As I use the Sony Fs7 as my main camera for my TV work and have chosen use the Sony A7s as the camera to mount on the Ronin-S, so I can both run them with a gamma of S-Log 3. I have had great success with the Ronin-S on a show called Snackmasters I DOP'd for Channel 4, were we mounted a Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L on it (it just about takes the weight as its a big lens) and got some cracking real energy paced shots in the busy kitchens of our Chefs, also we used it for general views of the exterior of the restaurants appearing from behind bushes and a like and the final thing on the production it was great for was inside the factories were we did walking shots and ins and our of chats with our contributors. All in all a great asset for have on that project. When working on The Gadget Show for Channel 5 I use it a lot at exhibitions for walking shots of the presenters and dynamic general views that add colour to the film.

If hireling this product make sure you have a wide angle lens as I think they tend to work best on gimble shots of this nature. I would recommend the Canon 16-35mm but you could get away with the medium 24-70mm if thats all you had, but will be harder to get the shots you require. The choice of a prime lens could be tricky if your not hiring or able to use any form of follow focus.

It's worth noting that if you use the Sony A7s you can not use the start and stop function or the focus wheel on the gimble as the Sony is not yet compatible.

A little tip is please do watch the setup and balancing video under the DJI Ronin-S page of this website before you use this product. Its well worth a watch and can make life so much better on location as your gimble will be balanced correctly you will get much better shots out of it and it wont be beeping at you, straining the motors or fighting against you.

To sum up an amazing bit of kit that will compliment your shoot be it a wedding, music video or television production, in fact why not just try and taylor it to your next shoot. You never know you might come up with some shots that your client / director never even dreamt of.