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Loss And Damage


If your equipment arrives with you damaged, please let us know straight away. We’ll do whatever we can to rectify this, and will send replacement equipment if necessary, collecting the damaged items.

If you damage the equipment, again please let us know straight away. Depending on the type of damage, we may be able to offer advice on the phone about how to repair in the field or get it back working for you. We never advise on doing complicated repairs in the field though, so if the equipment is essential for you shoot we could still assist in getting replacement items sent out to you.

On the return of the equipment we will give you a quote for the repair. All quotes are to bring the equipment back up to the same standard as it was when it was sent to you, to bring it back to standard it can be sent on hire. 
If you took out a security deposit, the repair cost will be subtracted from the deposit return. Any costs above the deposit held will need to be paid immediately.
If you chose the Damage Waiver then this will be covered, as long as the damage was not a result of negligence on your part.


Please let us know straight away about any lost or stolen equipment, and report any thefts to the police. We’ll always try our best to send you replacement equipment, but please note you’ll be liable for costs for any losses.

In the event of any equipment of accessories missing on the return of the equipment, we will notify you of the missing items and the estimated replacement cost. You have 24 hours to return any equipment to us by next-day delivery, or you can ask us to replace and subtract the cost from your deposit return.
If the items cannot be tracked down and returned, then the cost will be subtracted from your deposit. If the amount exceeds the deposit amount held then the remaining balance will need to be paid immediately.

If the replacement invoice is not paid within 48 hours then a loss-of-hire charge will be brought into effect, equal to 3x the daily hire rate for each affected item for each week the invoice remains unpaid. 

Equipment Check In And Deposit Return

The equipment will arrive back with the Kit Cabin team one working day after your collection is made.

Our engineers will check the equipment for any damaged or missing items and inform you accordingly if any further action is required.

If all is well your security deposit will be returned.

In the Event of Equipment Damage or Missing Items
In the event of any damage to any equipment or accessories we will inform you of the damage and, where possible, an estimated cost for repair or replacement. 

Missing accessories can be posted back to us, please ensure they are packaged safely and returned to us within 48 hours.
Alternatively, if you would prefer us to replace the item we can do that and remove the cost from your security deposit accordingly.

If the repair or replacement amount exceeds the deposit we hold, then an invoice for the remaining amount will be issued for immediate payment.

Insurance Claims
If you are claiming on your insurance then payment to us would still need to be made to us immediately and your insurance claim made to reimburse you. If the replacement invoice is not paid within 48 hours then a loss-of-hire charge will be brought into effect, equal to 3x the daily hire rate for each affected item for each week the invoice remains unpaid.

Wear And Tear

Of course, over time we understand the equipment will be liable to some wear and tear, and this won’t be treated as damage. 
We have some guidance as to what does, and doesn’t, fall into the wear-and-tear category.

For cameras and lenses any marks to lens elements, filters, sensors and LCD screens will not be considered wear and tear, as these can have significant impact on the functionality of the equipment. Any new marks found on lens elements, filters, sensors and LCDs will be billed for. 

Any existing marks (that do not impact it's functionality) will be photographed and noted in the condition report, in addition to having being checked to ensure they do not appear in images taken with the equipment.

For all of our equipment minor scratches and wear to paintwork that accrue over time are considered wear and tear. Dents and cracks however are to be considered damage and will be billed for if not previously noted in the condition report. Excessive wear and tear caused by misuse of the equipment during your hire, such as long abrasions down the edge of a camera, a large number of scratches to paintwork, or marks deeper than 1mm will be considered damage.

Cables with poor connections but no visible damage are considered wear and tear, however any damage to the insulation and/or visible copper will be considered damage, and repairs will be charged for.

Equipment that is returned excessively dirty, and in particular sandy, may incur a small charge for cleaning, or a larger bill where engineering work is needed to dismantle and clean the equipment. If this is required we will inform you of this immediately, as we would do with any other damage.

On receipt of the equipment please inform us immediately if any significant marks or damage are not visible in photographs of the equipment taken prior to dispatch and/or mentioned in the condition report.