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We love video here at Kit Cabin and if you are reading this then I'll bet that you do too. The internet is fast becoming a place that is made up of almost every kind of moving image imaginable. So what do you need to make that incredible film, drama, commercial, corporate film, animation, wedding, broadcast documentary or viral video? I'll tell you what, it's all the right kit. So you need to get your hands on the right camera, lenses, tripod, grip, lighting, sound, and all the correct accessories.

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We suggest that you start with deciding on the right camera for your project and then sorting everything else to support it. So if you know which camera you want then go on and hire it for your shoot. Then head over to the lenses and get the best glass. That's a great start but don't forget that the right tripod is vital so make sure it's up to the job. If you want to add some movement then why not hire a slider, track and dolly or for stabilisation try a gimbal. Don't forget sound as it's very hard to edit around bad sound so make sure you have the radio mic, pistol grip mics or field recorders / mixers that you need. Lighting is often forgotten but it's worth remembering that the right LED panel or 3 point lighting kit can make your shoot look amazing. Monitors and the right viewfinder are a very personal choice. Some people like to stay light weight and in a run and gun style whilst others love to pour over a monitor to make sure it's perfect. So which are you?