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The choice of lens to hire makes a huge difference to how smoothly your shoot goes and how it looks. Whether you need wide angle, telephoto, zoom, prime or fast aperture for low light or a cinematic look, we can help. We have the latest in 4K, full frame and super 35 lenses for your shoot whether you are doing photography or video for a wedding, commercial, corporate video, broadcast or film. Having the right selection of lenses can make all the difference to your shoot. So even if you are happy with your normal choice why not try something new to add an extra dimension to your images.
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It's a good idea to check that the lens you hire has the correct mount for the camera that you are using. Canon's EF mount is one of the most popular and can be used on all Canon cameras as well as other cameras when used with an adapter. Sony E-Mount lenses are only for use on Sony cameras. PL mount lenses tend to be very expensive and high quality and are used on cameras like the Red Weapon and the Arri Mini but can also be used on the Sony PXW FS7 and FS7 MKII with an E to PL adapter producing fantastic results.

It's important that you use right lens to cover the sensor of the camera that you are using. So an APS-C lens that is designed to work only with a super 35mm sensor would not work on a full frame camera like the Canon 5d MKIV or the Sony PXW FX9. Lenses that are designed to go on Sony E Mount cameras like the Zeiss Loxia prime lenses will only work on those cameras as they have a flange distance, meaning they are unsuitable to adapt to other formats.

Canon 24-70 f2.8L MKII is a great choice of lens for a huge variety of applications. Known as a walkabout lens because if you are walking about you don’t want to be carrying a bag full of different lenses when one will do. And let’s face it lenses are full of glass so they are very heavy. This lens is fairly wide and it has a fairly long telephoto zoom and everything in between so it is a great lens for a lot of shoots. It’s remarkably sharp as well and at f2.8 maximum aperture it’s good in low light and can create a pleasant background blur.