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In a world that's fast becoming dominated by video there is still a huge role for the art of photography. A single image has the power to affect people and convey emotion in a way that video and film can't. So what do you need for your corporate, commercial, wedding, landscape, pack shots or event? First decide if you want to use a digital DSLR or smaller and lighter mirrorless camera, from there you can start to build the right camera kit for the job.

Digital DSLR are the trusted workhorse of the photography world and many photographers would never use anything else. They have a nice weight to them that allows the camera to be held steady when shooting handheld and produce stunning images. Our most popular digital DSLR is the Canon 5D Mk3 but if you want to push the quality even higher then have a look at the Canon 5D MKIV or the big brother Canon 1DX MKII and 1canon DX MKIII.

Mirrorless cameras are fantastic and create amazing images. They are lighter and smaller than most digital DSLRs and can be used with smaller and more compact lenses without affecting the quality of the photo. So if you are carrying the camera all day or want to be more discrete then this type of camera might be for you. The Sony A7S MKII is one of our most popular mirrorless cameras and it does incredible HD and 4K video as well.