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Camera hire is one of the most important things that we do here at Kit Cabin and we are incredibly passionate about it. So if you want to know which camera to use for your shoot be it a wedding, corporate, event, commercial or broadcast filming we can help. You may know your DLSR from your large format cameras but we have tested and used all of the popular cameras in use today. So if you want HD, 4K, slow motion, high speed, DSLR, mirrorless, large sensor, full frame, low light, infra red or anything else this is the place.
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If you are looking to hire a camera then we can recommend some of the most popular rentals.

The Sony A7S MkII mirrorless camera is a fabulous little performer. It gives pin sharp video in HD or 4K as well as slo motion and incredible results in low light.

The Sony FS7 is one our very favourites and is the weapon on choice for a huge number of camera operators. It is all an rounder that can be used to produce incredible HD and 4K video for events, weddings, and corporate filming and has become the backbone of the broadcast world.

The new camera from Sony might look just like the Sony FS7 but the Sony PXW FX9 has some very interesting and useful tricks up its sleeve. First off it’s Full frame 6K that ‘pulls down’ to 4K so the images are incredible but it can still record in super 35mm (like the Sony FS7) in either HD or 4K. But for us the really incredible feature of the FX9 is it's frankly unbelievable low light performance. We tested this camera using candle light only and the results left us speechless. There was virtually no noise on the footage. Now we are not recommending lighting your project with candles but if you are filming in low light then this camera could be for you.