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Lighting is the unsung hero of the video and photography world and often gets overlooked in favour of getting the latest camera or the best lenses. But as all cameras can only work with the light that hits the sensor then it should really be given the same amount of thought and care. Get the lighting right and your images will look amazing. Get it wrong and the results might not be what you hoped they would be.

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Lighting for video these days seems to be dominated by the mighty LEDs. These lights offer incredible quality and power without getting too hot or using much electricity. That is why they can be used powered by batteries making them safer as there are no trailing wires and they are quicker to rig and move about.

All our LED lights like the wonderful Fomex Flex FL600 and FL1200 are dimmable and bi coloured so that you can control the amount of light and the colour of the light (from a warm tungsten to a blue daylight). If you are looking for inspiration for your corporate, commercial, or music video then the Astera AX1 Pixel Tubes are worth a look.