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Security Options

Security Deposit

Our Security Deposit is based on 25% of the equipment value hired at any one time,

This is a holding deposit only, meaning any loss or damage which exceeds the deposit amount will need to be paid in full.
However, upon the return of the equipment, if everything is satisfactory then the deposit is returned in full.
For equipment with value over £5,000 you will need to prove you have the right insurance cover by providing a copy of your insurance policy, which needs to cover hired-in equipment and cover the replacement value for all equipment on your hire. 

If you do not have existing insurance in place then you can purchase temporary insurance at Checkout.

We can help you with any details you need to know, please just ask.
Payment for missing or damaged equipment and accessories will be held from your deposit.

If the cost to repair the damage and/or replace missing parts or accessories exceed the deposit we hold, the outstanding balance will be invoiced for immediate payment.

If the equipment value exceeds £12,000 then you will need to provide Trade References to upgrade your account level to Gold, and remove the requirement for a holding deposit.
A Security Deposit is the best deposit option if you have your own insurance in place (or are planning on purchasing temporary cover at checkout) as you will get the full deposit amount back upon the safe and satisfactory return of the equipment.

If you do not have your own insurance, and would like a little bit of extra protection against accidental damage, then you might want to look at our Damage Waiver option, which is provided for a small extra premium

Damage Waiver

For a non-returnable fee at checkout, you can reduce the deposit amount from 25% to 15%, and add a waiver against accidental damage.
This covers you for any accidental damage above the the amount of deposit we hold.

This does not cover any missing items (including theft) or damage caused through negligence.

Payment for missing equipment and accessories, or damage caused through negligence, will be held from your deposit.
If the cost to replace missing parts or accessories, or repair damage caused through negligence, exceed the deposit we hold then the outstanding balance will be invoiced for immediate payment.