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Getting the sound right on a shoot might not seem like the most glamorous part of this business but it is absolutely vital to the shoot. Good sound adds a huge amount to a project, but bad sound can be extremely problematic as it is very difficult to edit around. No one seems to notice great sound but everyone notices bad sound, so it's very important to get it right. We have a wide range of microphones and recorders for a variety of setups, or you can check out our packages for recommendations.
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The choice of a cabled mic or a radio mic is a good place to start. If the shoot is static and there is no wide shot then running a cable offers a more secure solution without having to worry about batteries. Using a radio mic for a presenter or contributor gives you the freedom to film without worrying about getting the cable, the boom or the mic stand in the shot.

Portable recorders allow high quality sound to be recorded independently of a video camera using either a cabled mic or a radio mic like the Sennheiser G3. And accessories like the Sound Devices 302 field mixer lets you set and monitor sound levels without using the controls on the camera.