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A list of all our special pages and a brief description of what they are for!

> How To Hire

A little about how we work and how you can hire or rent equipment from us. We specialise in hiring Cameras, Lenses and other photo and video equipment whilst trying to make things as easy for you as possible!

> Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy for the data we hold to enable hires and rentals. Keeping your data as safe as we'd like ours to be.

> Cookies Policy

Our cookie policy! What we use them for and how we work. Keeping your data and history as safe as possible.

> Delivery & Collection

Confused about how you get your hire or rental or send it back? This is the page for you! All the information about delivery and collections you should need.

> Payment & Deposit

A little bit about paying for your hires, leaving deposits for your rentals and what it all means. Don't worry, in most cases you get the deposit back!

> Loss And Damage

What to do if you or the courier has either lost or damaged equipment! We'll try to get replacement equipment to you ASAP.

> Loyalty Scheme

A little about how we reward repeat custom! We're still working on this, but it's high on our priority! Who doesn't like a discount when you hire a camera?

> Documentation

The documentation we need and how they relate to your account! Different account types need different things and you can find out what they are here and why we need them to enable your hires and rentals.

> Security Options

The different security options and what we need for them. Details what the differences are so you can decide the one that suits you best.

> Contact Us

All the information you guys need to contact us. Be in via phone, email or post!

> Terms Of Use

Our terms of use! You agree to this before any hire or rent and on account creation. It's an important read!

> Returns & Refunds

Where to go for returns and refunds! When you get your deposit back and more.

> About Us

Who we are, why we do it and a little about us! Why we hire cameras, rent lenses and get kit to where it needs to be.