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Tripods & Grip

If you have the arms of Hercules and love the free flowing style of hand held video then skip this category. If not then you need grip and tripods in your life.
The right tripod for your camera set up and style makes filming easier and produces better images that you will be proud of. Adding movement to your video will hold the attention of your viewer and make the footage appear more dynamic and have a cinematic feel.
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If you want to use a simple and easy Camera Gimbal then we suggest the DJI Ronin-S, one of the most popular camera stabilisers. It gives incredibly smooth camera movements and isn't as heavy as some of the larger alternatives.

Our custom POV Helmet rig can be used with a variety of small cameras like the Sony A7S MKII or a Go pro Hero. And if you want a really unusual perspective try a GoPro Chesty, GoPro Head Strap Mount or the hilarious Gopro Fetch Dog Mount.

If you cant afford a 40 foot crane then the use of a compact slider like the iFootage Shark slider or the Libec Track and Dolly is an easy to use and cost effective alternative.