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Hardest working camera brands 2019

Hardest Working Camera Brands 2019

Here we look at the most rented video camera brands in 2019 but are there any surprises?

  1. Sony
  2. Canon
  3. GoPro
  4. Arri
  5. Panasonic
  6. Red
  7. Blackmagic


With Sony's dominance in the television industry with it's PXW FS7 it's hardly surprising the Tokyo based manufacturer tops the list. Then consider it's other offerings such as the Sony A7S MkII, Sony X70, Sony PXW FS5 and the ever popular Sony PXW x200 video camera and it no surprise that there is a ever increasing gap between Sony and Canon in second place. Look out for the the stunning Sony Venice taking some work from Arri in the Drama and commercial market as well. And the new full frame Sony PXW FS9 will stun many with its incredible images and frankly magical low light performance.


Canon is in second place, because of a large offering including the Canon C300 range with the C300 MkII taking hold as the camera choice for many producers and Directors. Its not all great news for Canon though, the  Canon C200 has not taken off as a rental camera neither has their C500 MKII or more high end C700 models. But it still has the 1DX MKII, 1DX MKIII and at the ever popular 5D MKIII and 5D MKIV loved by videographers, camera oporators and photographer the world over.


What can be said for the GoPro being in third place on this list with the Hero Black 5, 6, 7 and 8 dominating the small action camera rental market with some productions requesting 4-6 of these little gems per hire. A great second camera to just rig up to complement your main camera and in many ways is responsible for getting that wow shot from a privileged perspective that your main camera could just not do.


We get high end and arty for our fourth offering with the Arri Alexa Mini still being the go to camera for Dramas and commercials to shoot on but Arri's latest vertion the Alexa LF Mini is still yet to take off in the rental market.


Panasonic have some very interesting and high quality cameras like the Panasonic AU EVA1 4K camera and the cool GH5 4/3rd model. Nice cameras but we don’t see them knocking Sony of the throne any time soon.


Red is up there on the list and still a great choice for comercial, film makers and Music video producers. There are a lot of cameras on offer with 5K, 6K, *K and 8K full frame and it feels like the hire market gets a bit confused by Red products as they seem to bring a new version out so fast it never gives any particularly model the chance to get established. But the are cool and the pictures are fabulous.


Finally Blackmagic, the Ursa Mini has been a great success and finally seems to be a camera you can pick up and shoot on with out having to worry about battery life and clamping other bits to the camera to make it work.

We hope this helps your choice if you want to hire a camera. Remember we are always happy to offer advice about the right camera for your latest project.

Posted By Mark Tredinnick