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Building on the success of the Mk 1, the FS7 Mk2 has seen several ergonomic improvements, along with some improvement to build quality, however the technical abilities of the Mk 2 remain unchanged from the Mk 1. 

A workhorse for the television industry, Sony's PXW-FS7 is a super 35mm camera capable of producing excellent 4K video, and slow motion up to 120 frames per second in HD. With a comfortable shoulder mounted form factor this is an extremely popular camera for documentaries and factual entertainment, as well as corporate video and commercial production.

Sony's hugely popular PXW FS7 camera combined great pictures from it's super 35mm sensor with great ergonomics and usability, making it possible for small crews and self shooters to produce great cinematic footage while also recording their own audio. The FS7 has the versatility of a traditional ENG style camera, while the results look more like cinema.

The FS7 features Sony's own E mount lens system, with a wide variety of useful ENG style zooms available, it can also be converted to accept Canon's hugely popular EF range of lenses with a metabones adaptor, or professional PL mount cinema lenses. Built in ND filters mean you can take advantage of fast apertures to produce a cinematic shallow depth of field, while adapting easily to changing lighting conditions.

Two professional XLR inputs mean the FS7 can be used with a wide range of professional microphones, or connected to a sound operator's mixer, making it ideal for small documentary crews that need to capture the best sound possible.

Continuous internal recording of up to 150 frames per second (180 in NTSC) in HD opens up a wide range of creative possibilities. And with the FS7-XDCA back end and an external recorder it's possible to record up to 200fps in 2K RAW.

More Details

The FS7 reflects Sony’s expertise in 4K and HD codecs, Super 35 sensors and memory recording. The result is the ideal camera for documentaries and the optimum tool for magazine shows, reality TV, unscripted TV and more.

4K Super 35 Exmor® sensor

When it comes to image sensors, size definitely matters. Sony’s Super 35 sensor delivers ‘bokeh’, the defocused backgrounds made possible by shallow depth of field. A common technique for directing audience attention within the frame, shallow depth of field is far easier to achieve with a large sensor. Other things being equal, a bigger sensor also equates to better low-light sensitivity and lower image noise. And with bigger sensors, the field of view is wider for any given focal length lens.

Sensor Features

  • 14 stops of exposure latitude deliver powerful grayscale rendition without crushing shadow detail or blowing out highlight deta
  • ISO 2000 sensitivity enables you to shoot well after sunset, without tons of lighting and grip
  • 4K resolution: The sensor incorporates 11.6 million total pixels and 8.8 million effective pixels to deliver full 4K resolution. Even if you’re delivering in HD, your recordings will capture detail and image texture that HD sensors cannot see
  • Sony Exmor® CMOS design makes for extremely fast readout, contributing to frame rates of up to 180 fps and minimised image skew

  • High Frame Rates up to 180 fps
  • From freestyle skiing to water sprays to pyrotechnics, High Frame Rates underscore the beauty and drama of everyday motion. That’s why the FS7 provides continuous recording at Full HD at frame rates of up to 180 fps. When you play back at 23.98p, you’ll enjoy extraordinary Super Slow Motion of up to 7.5x. Compared to burst mode, the continuous recording of the FS7 reduces mistimed shots and extra takes. The camera also provides Slow and Quick motion from 1 fps to 180 fps, in 1 fps increments. This enables time lapse effects to make the clouds race by or flowers bloom before your eyes. And for even higher frame rates, you can attach the XDCA-FS7 extension unit and connect an outboard recorder, both sold separately, for 2K RAW recording at up to 240 fps. This creates 10x Super Slow Motion when played at 23.98p.

  • Built-in ND filters
  • You don’t need a matte box to get the advantages of shallow depth of field even in exterior day shoots. A built-in Neutral Density (ND) filter wheel includes positions for Clear, 1/4 (2 stops), 1/16 (4 stops), and 1/64 (6 stops).

  • Reliable Media Cards
  • We all need media that’s reliable and an the XQD cards reliability comes from in-camera recovery with robust communication between the camera and the card’s controller enables read/write speeds up to a sizzling 600 Mbps.

  • Support for 4-channel audio input and recording
  • The FS7 supports 4-channel audio input. In application such as interview, this function enables the simultaneous use of an external microphone for recording ambient sounds, the built-in microphone for voice memos by the operator, and two optional UWP Series wireless microphones for voice of interviewer and interviewee. In addition, by the use of an optional XLR adapter XLR-K2M or XLR-K1M which provides additional 2 XLR inputs, possible applications are further expanded.
  • Included In Your Hire

    • 1 x Sony FS7 MK2 body
    • 1 x Side grip with 2-piece extension arm
    • 1 x LCD screen & bar attachment
    • 1 x Top mic holder & bar attachment
    • 1 x Monocular with rubber eye cup
    • 1 x Sony BCU-1 # 2457
    • 1 x Fig 8 cable
    • 2 x BP-U60 batteries
    • 1 x top mic, foam & short XLR
    • 1 x sensor port cap
    • 1 x back cover
    • 1 x camera bag
    • 1 x rain cover in pouch (3 piece)
    • 1 x EVF flip out sun shade
    • 1 x Shoulder Mount
    • 1 x VCT-14 plate
    • 1 x XQD card reader + cover
    • 1 x USB extension
    • 1 x 128gb XQD Card
    • 1 x 64gb XQD Card

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