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Will the FX9 replace the FS7?

What's Our Opinion?

Lots of talk has been made of the new Sony PXW-FX9, sliding it somewhere on the Sony Camera scale between the PXW-FS7 and the Venice. Albeit much closer to the FS7 than the Venice, but there are some very interesting elements they have taken from the Venice, and placed inside the ergonomic design of the FS7, to create the FX9.

Sensor-wise, it has a Full Frame 6K (6008x3168) Exmor-R CMOS Sensor, which then downgrades into the camera for a crisp 4K image with 15 stops of dynamic range. They have also incorporated the incredibly popular Venice colour science, and it's dual base ISO 800/4000.

There are still a lot of nice familiarities with the FS7 though, meaning those who are used to operating the FS7 will still feel at home, despite the step up in quality; the menu system is consistent with the FS7, and it uses the same type of batteries and cards, and has all the important buttons in the same place as the FS7, making it still easy for the run-and-gun style shoots.

The events of this year mean we have not seen the FX9 utilised to it's full potential yet, but we foresee this being a big player in the TV, Documentary and even budget film and commercial world in the coming months.

Posted By Mark Tredinnick