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Fomex Make Lighting Flexible

Flexible Lighting? What's That?

Fomex Flex hit the market a few years ago, but it's only recently people have really started to flock to them. They have all the benefits of a standard 1x1 LED Lighting Panel light, but also carry a huge benefit – they can be rigged in places normal lights simply cannot.

Yes, they can still be held rigid with an X-Frame that simply snaps into place, but what about those times you can't fit a lighting stand in? The Fomex FL-600 is a 1x1 LED Lighting Matt, offering a little bit of flexibility in it's design, and a LOT of flexibility in it's application. It's so lightweight (387g) it can be held up with gaffer tape, black tack, lightweight clamps, etc.. so naturally they've been the light to go to for filming inside cars (or anywhere space is a real premium).

A Fomex Flex FL-600 gaffer taped to the inside of the car roof, run the cable down the side to a V-Lock Battery, and you have a beautiful even lighting you can control via the ballast which you can tuck away with the battery in a footwell.

We've also seen these used to light small spaces, such as bathrooms or small studies, you can just tack them to a wall or tape them to the back of a door.. whenever you don't have much room to work, these lights are invaluable.

On a technical level they also tick a lot of boxes. They are punchy for their size, giving out 60W with colour balance between 3200K and 5600K, providing 2100 lux at 1 metre away, and an impressive CRI of 95-98.

The Light Mats are also IP64 rated so you don't have to go into panic stations if there's some light rain and you can't run for cover, however you would want to get something over the ballasts, which are not IP64.

If the FL-600 is not quite enough light, then check out the doubly impressive FL-1200, which produces a Lux (1m away) of 4000, but still only weighing 760g, drawing 120W of power.
Posted By Mark Tredinnick